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A Fight Worth Losing - 2 Timothy 4:6-7 - Darron LaMonte Edwards, Sr.

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Look at the word "departure."


That word was used with many meanings.


A. It was a term that sailors used.

When a ship would go out of the harbor, people would stand in that harbor and they would watch that ship sail over the horizon. So the people in that harbor say as the ship embarks and goes over the horizon, there she goes. But somewhere, there’s another harbor and that ship appears on the horizon and they say, Here she comes.


B. Now, not only was it a nautical term, it was a military term.

When soldiers would fold up their tent and move on to another mission, the very taking down of the tent, the very folding up of the tent (taking down the tent) was the same word that is used here, to depart.


C. Not only was it a term that sailors used, and not only was it a term that soldiers used, but it was also a term that politicians used.


It was a political term. It was used for the setting free of a prisoner. The bound was not about to emancipated (set free and released).


D. One more thing: it was a farmer’s word. When the farmer would unburden the ox at the end of the day, he would take the yoke from off the oxen by laying aside that yoke – so the oxen could get some rest.

So, like that ship, Judy has sailed into another port.

And like that soldier, Judy folded up her tent and moved on to another mission.

And like that prisoner, Judy has been set free.

And like that oxen, Judy has laid down the burden.


Judy has gone home with God. 


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