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Blink - Numbers 13:1-3, 25-33 - Alfondia Reese, III

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What happens depends upon what you see happening. If you see nothing happening, nothing will happen. On the flip side, if you see something happening, something will happen. When you have no vision, you perish. Vision puts you into action.

  • Vision causes you to create
  • Vision makes you move
  • Vision puts you into process
  • Vision induces your initiative
  • Vision diminishes your doubt
  • Vision frustrates your fears
  • Vision adjusts your attitude
  • Vision fuels your fire


When you have vision, you can feel the victory.


When you have no vision, your day to day activities are filled with emptiness and boredom. When you find yourself at this point, you find yourself filled with anger and contempt. Because nothing is going on in your life you become envious of everyone else to the point where your only goal in life is to stop the progress of everyone around you. You have too much pride to say show me how to get out of this rut. You’d rather stay in the situation you’re in and keep others from reaching their highest potential.


The good news is vision is not something that’s hard to achieve. Obtaining vision is a simple two-part process.


  1. You’ve got to get dissatisfied
  2. You’ve got to get determined


When you come to a place of dissatisfaction that simply means you are no longer satisfied with where you are and how things are in your life.   You can and will only come to this place when you are in tuned with your life. That would mean that you have to take time to spend time with you and you alone. Everyday can’t be a day of ripping and running. Every hour can’t be an hour of chit chatting. There has to be times when you just sit yourself down and examine where you are now and if there is another level you can obtain.


Look at your neighbor eyeball to eyeball and ask them are you satisfied where you are?


If you answered no to that question, it’s time to get determined. When you get determined your life begins to take on a whole new meaning.

  • What you were about is no longer important to you
  • Where you use to hang out is no longer on your priority list
  • Certain things will begin to be a waste of time for you
  • Certain people will begin to be a liability rather than an asset


When you get determined…

  • Your attitude will change
  • Your demeanor will change
  • Your level of peace will change
  • Your level of happiness will change
  • Your focus will change
  • Your morals will change
  • Your values will change

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