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Faith to Keep Fighting - 2 Corinthians 4:6-8 - Darron LaMonte Edwards, Sr.

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Paul was going through some tough times while traveling through Corinth.  He was on a mission to spread the Good News of the Gospel and establish as many churches as possible.  But while he was trying to build up the kingdom of God, his haters were trying to defame his character and raise up false teachers.   


This was a full fledge assault against every thing about him. 

His haters insulted, criticized, and demeaned everything about him. 

Biblical commentated John MacArthur says,  “In order to do that they needed to discredit him and so they started a full-blown character assassination effort against him.

He was attacked as being inept, plain, common, weak, unimpressive, and he had no persona

They said he had no personal attractiveness; he was not charming, in fact, downright ugly, blemished.

They said his speech was contemptible, he was not clever, and he had no oratorical talent to win the masses to the gospel.

The attack, of course, was part of an all-out effort to destroy the confidence of the Corinthians in him so they would then turn the false teachers and listen to their demonic doctrines.

They wanted Paul to stop preaching, pack up his bags, and go back home. 


What do you do when it seems like the world is against you?

What do you do when every area of your life seems chaotic?


Paul gives us courage to have Faith to Keep Fighting and have to Keep Fighting to Keep the Faith


  1. I.                Realizing the Treasure that Lives Within You (vs. 6-7)


When you feel like the world is too much, you have to stop focusing on what is on the outside and focus on what God has placed on the inside of you.


The earthen vessel is the outward body.  It is weak, frail, perishable, and able to die.  It feels pain, can be damaged, cut, wounded, crushed, and destroyed.  It is exposed to every outward extremity imaginable.  If I live my life focused on the outward man, I am doomed to failure.  So I have to look inward and rely on my faith to keep fighting.


Inwardly is where my treasure from God lies.  My faith, His Word, His love, peace, joy, patience, gentleness, and kindness all lives within me.


When I buy a car, it doesn’t matter what the body of the car looks like, it is what is under the hood that matters.  It’s all about the engine or the heart of the car.

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