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From Pain to Paradise - Luke 23:39-43 - Alfondia Reese, III

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Not realizing that if he would have come down…

  • The person we use to be, we would still be
  • The places we used to go, we would still frequent
  • The things that we used to do, we would yet experience their enjoyment


But I’m so glad that:

He decided to die on the cross just to save me


As we visit the place called Calvary or as it is Biblically known Golgotha or the place of the skull, we see three men and three crosses. Jesus is crucified between to hardened criminals. Why would our Savior Jesus have to be crucified with:

  • Menace to Society
  • Boys from the Hood
  • Naughty by Nature


Why did Jesus have to die with the already walking dead? It was prophesied in Isaiah 53:12 that He, Jesus would be numbered with the transgressors. So Jesus between crucified with whom Luke described as dangerous criminals was prophecy being fulfilled. This scene, Jesus being crucified with criminals also displays the same level of shame and humility into which He had descended. The situation was similar when Jesus was born.







Bad Boys






The Roman soldiers placed Jesus between the two thieves not realizing the spiritual implications of their actions. These two men were crucified together. They were equally near to Christ. Both of them saw and heard all that transpired during those fateful six hours. Both were notoriously wicked; both were suffering acutely; both were dying, and both urgently needed forgiveness.

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