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I Am More Than Able - Numbers 13:26-33 - Alfondia Reese, III

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God told Moses I need you to send out a ruler from among them.  God is looking for men that are leaders.  Please understand.  You cannot and will not lead if you’re not in front.  You learn this lesson from a train.  When you look at a train there is a difference between the engine and the caboose.  The obvious difference is the train type; one is an engine and the other is a caboose.  However the real difference is the location of the two trains; one is in the front and the other is in the back.  One is a leader and the other a follower.


Watch me!  There are times when a train moves in the opposite direction of the engine.  In that instance the engine is doing the pushing.  It works but it’s not designed to work like that.  I’m going to get into trouble right through here.  Anytime a leader is not working from the front you’re setting yourself up for disaster.  The fact that God asked for men that were leaders tells me that a man that God can use is a man that is a leader; one that is leading from the front.


  • You want to jack up a family, take the man out of leadership
  • You want to mess up a community, take the man out of leadership
  • You want to mess up a society, take the man out of leadership


Am I saying that a woman isn’t capable of leading, absolutely not.  What I am saying is that God is looking for a man, a king-dom man to lead.  Please understand something ladies, if He’s a king-dom man, every king needs a queen.


So God says send out men to spy out the land of Canaan.  What God was looking for was for the men to bring back a description of the land.  The Bible says in Matthew 7:7 ask and IT shall be given unto you.  It’s easy to pursue a thing you can describe.  This is what this trip to Canaan was about; being able to identify what they were after.  It’s hard to get excited when God says ask and it shall be given unto you when you can’t identify the “it”.  Your excitement level will change when you can identify or describe what “it” is.


The Bible says call those things that be not as though they already were.  So your IT is whatever you call it.  God will manifest it just like you called it.  That’s what God meant in Habakkuk 2 when He said write the vision and make it plain…though the vision tarry wait for it; it shall speak and not life.  When your vision manifests it shall be just as you wrote it.  So the question now becomes what is IT?  If you can identify IT God can manifest IT. 

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