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I Am Not Intimidated - Psalm 91:1-9, Isaiah 54:17 - Alfondia Reese, III

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Drew Bundini Brown was the assistant trainer and cornerman for boxing great Muhammed Ali. If you remember the movie "Ali", Bundini was the portrayed by actor Jamie Foxx. His purpose was to be Ali's personal motivational speaker during each fight. He was Ali's personal cheerleader. During the match Bundini would yell in the ring to Ali saying:

You're a bad man.

Nobody can beat you.

You are the greatest.

You are the strongest.

You are the champ.

(Referring to his opponent) He's weak. He's no match for you. He punches like a girl.


My motive for preaching is not for a shout, dance or even cheers. My motive is to see the people of God become all that His Word says they can be. Yes, there are times when my approach is that of Bundini.

  • You're a bad man.
  • Nothing can stop you.
  • You are the greatest.
  • You are the strongest.
  • You are a winner.
  • You are fearless.


Last week my approach was motivational. This week, I've come to be less motivational and more spiritual. Whatever the goal, we cannot disregard or diminish the spiritual aspect of reaching that goal. Being spiritual means applying the principles of God’s Word the natural to manifest the supernatural. What God is going to make happen in your life in this year will only be described as supernatural. You won’t be able to say it was me. And people around you won’t be able to say they did it for you. This will be the year you experience an outpouring of the supernatural upon your life. Look at a neighbor with an attitude and say yes I will.


Manifesting the supernatural begins with you removing all manner of fear from your life. You cannot pray God do it for me and fear the adversary at the same time. Praying to God builds your trust in God. Singer Tony Terry made it clear, if you’re going to worry don’t pray; if you’re going to pray, don’t worry. If I’m expecting the supernatural that means I have tapped into the supernatural, the Omnipotent, all powerful God.


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