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I Feel My Hair Growing Back - Judges 16:1-6, 16-22 - Alfondia Reese, III

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Today’s message is no different; I want you to walk away from this place changed, both in your life and in your mind. I want you to know that when the enemy attacks, you don’t have to become a victim. I want you to know that when the enemy rages war on your life, you don’t have to throw up your hands and say I give up. The Bible says that when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall life up a standard against him. In other words, when enemy begins to attack, God’s going to provide for you a way of escape. In order for you to escape you’ve got to recognize the flood.


If you see no flood, you will see no need to look for a way of escape. This is why this message is so critical. This message will teach us how to recognize what in hell is going on. Just like terrorist, they plan it over there and launch it over hear. The enemy plans it in hell to be launch on the earth. How many will agree that whatever the enemy launches does not have to work? The Bible is still saying that no weapon that’s formed against us shall be able to prosper. The enemy may form it, but it does not have to win. The enemy may form it, but it does not have to win.

  • Sickness may form, but sickness does not have to win
  • Depression may form, but depression does not have to win
  • Lies and rumors may form, but lies and rumors does not have to win
  • Poverty may form, but poverty does not have to win
  • Unemployment may form, but unemployment does not have to win
  • Mind games may form, but those mind games does not have to win


High five somebody and tell them it just won’t work. I heard Bishop Trotter say, the devil thought he had me but I got away. High five somebody else and tell them it just won’t work.


Even before he was born, it was the enemy’s plan to keep Samson from coming into the earth.

The Bible says in the 13th chapter of Judges that Samson’s mother was barren; she was not able to bear any children. Throughout Biblical history, we have recorded seven women that were given the same prognosis of being barren.

  1. We have Sarah, Abraham’s wife. She was barren up until she was about 90 years old; then giving birth to Isaac, the promised seed.
  2. We have Rebekkah, Isaac’s wife. She was barren until Isaac and his wife both bombarded heaven through prayer and she gave birth to twin boys, Jacob and Esau, whom fought even while they were in their mother’s womb. That’s another sermon in itself. Somebody write down, the war within, I need to preach that.
  3. We have Rachel. Rachel was the love and became the 2nd wife of Jacob.       Abraham’s wife was barren.       His son Isaac’s wife was barren.       Then Isaac’s son’s wife was barren.       Sounds like a generational curse to me; just a thought.

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