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I'll Holler If I Have To - Mark 10:46-52 - Alfondia Reese, III

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What some folk view as a low level of self-esteem you view as a level of dissatisfaction. While some are thinking that you’re changing, acting funny or just don’t want to bothered anymore, you have just come to a place where you are dissatisfied with where you are causing you to become desperate for more. I unapologetically used the word desperate. Webster’s dictionary says that to be desperate means to have a very great need. There is no need greater than a need for change.


There’s a difference between someone that wants change and someone that needs change. A person that wants change:

  • In many cases won’t put forth the effort
  • Puts on a big show (front) but remains the same
  • Resolves to change every 1st of January but by the 3rd everything is back to normal
  • Talks about change but when you ask them what you’ve been up to lately they respond, the same old, same old or my favorite slow motion


When a person needs change there is one thing that remains at the forefront of their thoughts, if I don’t make a change, a change won’t be made. If a change is not made then I will and things will remain the same. If things remain the same in my life, I will never get where I’m trying to go.


There are some people in this room that have gone far beyond wanting change to the place of desperation where you need change.

  • You need change in your home
  • Change on your job
  • Change in your finances
  • Change in your relationship
  • Change in your friendships
  • Change in your grades

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