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Jehovah Shalom - Judges 6:11-23 - Alfondia Reese, III

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Look at somebody and tell them I’m not tripping; I’m just trying to find peace.  You look back at them and tell them, peace begins with you.


You can have peace but you must understand that peace has to begin with you.  Like we do when it comes to happiness, so often we surround ourselves with things and people hoping to gain the peace that we’re looking for.  Let me be the first to say that peace is something that begins within.  Things can’t bring you peace.  People can’t bring you peace.  You must develop within yourself a sense of peace.  That will only happen when God is made the center of your being. 


As we discussed on this past Wednesday, when you are seeking God for real things begin to change on the inside of you.  When you become a God chaser, the things that disrupted your sense of peace will no longer matter because nothing else will matter to you because you’re trying to get connected to God. 


We ask the question, how do I begin this journey to peace?  For starters, there are two things that must be dealt with (1) your thinking and (2) your theology.  Your thinking is who you are.  Your theology is what you believe.  If you never discover who you are or if you never decide what you believe you will forever be in a non-peaceful state.


Peace begins when you acknowledge who you are.  Please understand, who you are, is so much deeper than the name your mother wrote on your birth certificate. 

  • Who you are is that person that’s on the inside of you
  • Who you are is that person that’s mimicked by your children
  • Who you are is that person your mate has to decide whether or not he wants to enter into nuptials with
  • Who you are is the person that only you know
  • Who you are is the person you camouflage on Sunday mornings
  • Who you are is the person your best friend knows and still wants to be your best friend

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