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Just Speak Life to It Part 2 - Ezekiel 37:1-4 - Alfondia Reese, III

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When they saw something, though far away, the reaction was a bit more pleasant. When they saw was they looking for was just moments away, they went from being pleasant to being peaceful.


Watch this! Although all were WAITING for the bus only a select few was looking for the bus. I used to talk about those that would step into the street and look for the bus. I used to think to myself, they are going to hit trying to see if they can see a bus. The more I thought about I concluded, when you’re looking for something, you’re not like everyone else. While others are standing and waiting, you are looking. You will only see it if you’re looking for it.


You remember when Mother would send you to look for something and after looking you came back and said, I don’t see it. Mother would take you to the place where she sent you to look, find it and says if it was a snake it would have bitten you. Then she would say you would have found it if you were looking for it. Talk to somebody and tell them you will only see it if you’re looking for it.


Let’s go back to this bus stop. When a person steps into the street and looks for the bus, when they see nothing they will walk back saying something like, I wish they (the bus driver) would come on. On the flip side, if when they step into the street and they see a bus coming, they walk back announcing its coming. In other words they spoke what they saw.


It’s like that toy babies play with called See and Say. This toy has a string, an arrow and a speaker. When the string is pulled the arrow spins and spins until it eventually stops at an appointed place. Where ever the arrow stops the speaker appropriately responds by saying what the arrow is pointing to. We are like that toy. Like a puppet master, God pulls our string to set in motion His plan for our life. At a given moment we will come to a place; and its at this place that we’re to stop, take a look and then speak all that we see.


What we say is based upon what we see. If we SEE nothing we will SAY nothing. It is critical that we understand this because the question is now, what do you see?



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