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Just Speak Life To It Part 3 - Ezekiel 37:1-4 - Alfondia Reese, III

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The last say is what YOU say. We are too often governed by what others say about our lives.

  • Where we go
  • What we eat
  • How we think
  • Who we’re to like
  • Who we’re to hate
  • Who we’re to speak to
  • Who we’re to roll our eyes at
  • What day we’re going to church
  • What day we’re staying home from
  • Even, what church we’re going to attend


At the end of the day, what will matter is what YOU say about YOUR life.


You ask why we are yet on this passage of scripture and why is it that we’re hearing the same message for the third week? For starters, there are so many of you that have big dreams for your life. If you’re like me, there’s not a day that goes by that you don’t see the same vision for your life. It’s like an open cut that won’t be healed until ointment is applied. What you see tugs and tugs at you trying to tell you that this dream is real. It’s not you thinking you’re all of that. It’s not you tripping again. It’s the plan of God for your life. It’s what you’ve been ordained to accomplish here on this earth.


If it’s for me why is it that my dream has not yet been fulfilled? You’re the reason for the delay of your dream. Because of the greatness of your dream, you don’t believe that you can make it happen. The problem is you keep depending on you and you alone to make your dream come true. The Bible says with God ALL THINGS are possible. Instead of pursuing our dreams we do the opposite; we look at now and say the dream will never happen.


We make the tragic mistake of speaking negative about an already negative situation. If your pockets are empty and if your bank account is empty and if your mattress account is empty, there is no need to remind yourself about how bad your finances are. When something bad happens in the church or when folk act up in church, we spend countless hours talking it. Here’s what you need to understand. You don’t rehearse the curse. You reverse the curse by first seeing your condition better than what it is now, then speaking how you see it.

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