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Lord, I Need a Miracle, I'll be Here Until I Get It - Habakkuk 2:3 - Alfondia Reese, III

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Look at your neighbor and tell them they don’t what I see.  They don’t know what I know.  Tell me Bishop, what do you see?  What do you know?  The Bible says yeah though I walk THROUGH the valley of the shadows of death, I will fear no evil.  Why?  Because God is with me?  Absolutely.  But there is more.  That word “through” tells me that where I am is only a temporary situation.  So it does not matter how bad things are looking with my natural eye.  My spiritual eye says that things are already looking better!  Knowing this, I’ve made up in my mind that it does not matter how long it takes for it to happen, I’m not going anywhere.  I’ll be here until I get it.


Shake somebody’s hand; put on your preacher’s voice and tell them I’m not giving up.  I’m not quitting.  I’ll be here until I get it.  How do you know you’re going to get it?  I’ve got Word on it. 

The Bible says in Joshua 1:11 – Pass through the host, and command the people, saying, Prepare you victuals; for within three days ye shall pass over this Jordan, to go in to possess the land, which the Lord your God gives you to possess it.  Tell somebody my three days are not up and I’ve got something that God says is already mine.  Since it’s mine and I have not gotten it, guess what; I’ll be here until I get it.


It is no accident that the first two words of this 5th chapter and story we’re going to discuss is “after this”.  I could spend preach a whole sermon off those two words alone.  Somebody in this place needs to know that “after this” is a prophetic declaration for your life.  Before I release this prophetic word let’s put this in context.

“After this” was in reference to the healing of the nobleman’s son.  What took place in the 5th chapter was after what happened in the 4th chapter.  This miracle happened after the miracle that took place before.  So first let me prophetically announce that you’re getting ready to receive a miracle of healing.  Tell your neighbor God still heals. 


The Bible reminds us in Isaiah 53:5 that by His stripes we are healed.  In Exodus 15 we learn that God is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord that heals.  Just as He healed in the Bible days, God still heals.  Pastor Dennis Meredith, Senior Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church of Atlanta, Georgia just announced that God healed him from cancer in stage 4.  Again, he was in stage 4 and the doctors stated this wasn’t kemo, this wasn’t a pill, this wasn’t a shot; God did this.  One more time tell a neighbor God still heals. 


I hear God say “after this” speaks to the thing you’ve been waiting on.  God says there’s going to be a release from the heavens.  Everything that’s been held up is about to be released.  You’re reached the end on your waiting season. 

  • Because you’ve been faithful in your waiting
  • Because stood firm on what you believed
  • Because you held to the promise spoken to you
  • Because you did not give up even when situations seem insurmountable


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