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More Joy - John 12:12-13 - Robert Earl Houston, Sr.

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I am convinced that most of us have joy. I would dare even say that we have “entry-level” joy – that joy that can hold us, sustain us, encourage us, strengthen us, and enables us to live day by day. But I’m also convinced that there is a deeper level of joy that can be experienced by believers in their lives. In my adopted state of California, we have these plants called palm trees and they can spiral into the sky 25, 50 even 75 feet into the sky. But these same plants also have an equal depth to their roots. In order for the plant to be 25 feet high, the root has to be 25 feet deep. In order for the plant to be 50 feet high, the root has to be 50 feet deep. In order for the plan to be 75 feet high, the root has to be 75 feet deep.

I’ve come to suggest to us that your joy can be experienced at a deeper level which will propel you into a higher level of joy. I don’t want a joy that is superficial. I don’t want a joy that only excites me on Sunday morning. I don’t want a joy that turns on only in good times. I want and I need a joy and I believe I have a joy that is so deep that it’s recession proof; it’s fire proof; it’s bad-news proof; it’s circumstantial proof – in other words, my joy is so deep that no thing, no body, no words, no attack, no trouble, no trial, no pain can disturb it, alter it or make it of none affect.

In our text the people of Jerusalem are expecting the appearance of Jesus of Nazareth into the city. He has just completed one of his most famous exploits and that was the raising of Lazarus from the dead. It’s interesting that he goes into Jerusalem alive after raising a dead man and a few days later in the suburbs Jesus will be raised from the dead.

The residents of Jerusalem are in a period of spiritual transformation. This new religion called Christianity is causing conniptions at the Temple. People are become free from the penalties and the practice of the Law. People are no longer buying the scripted sermons of the Temple Priests who refer to Jesus as imitation, fake and illegitimate pretender who has delusions that He is the son of God. However, the news of his entry has brought people from throughout the city to greet him. They remind me of those who either seek after or have obtained more joy. Here’s why:

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