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Not Mission:Accomplished, But Mission:Completed - John 3:16 - Robert Earl Houston, Sr.

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Yet this 400 years of silent is not broken, it’s shattered. By the advent of God’s greatest act of love that could ever be bestowed upon mankind – however God didn’t make up His mind during the 400 years of silence, for the Bible records that God gave us Jesus in the fullness of time or at the right moment in History. Before Adam was placed in a garden Jesus was already the lamb slain before the foundation of the world. Before Adam was made of dust the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost already knew that he would be made sinless, fall into sin, and need a redeemer. Not only Adam would fit that criteria but every man, woman, boy and girl since that time would need a savior. Matter of fact, somebody in here right now – you need a savior. You need somebody to save you from yourself. You’ve been trying to do this thing called life by yourself. You were born in sin and shaped in iniquity. You need somebody to atone for your sins. You need somebody to wipe the slate clean – and His name could only be Jesus.

At this portion of our text, the writer John gives us perhaps the most famous portion of the holy writ, John 3:16. This text is not about just the crucifixion because it is inserted way before Jesus would die at Calvary. Perhaps it is a recap and review. A brief synoposis of everything that He has written in Chapters 1, 2 and the first part of Chapter 3. However, this portion is different because it is not an synoptic observation like what is found in Matthew, Mark and Luke. Rather, it is a non-synoptic revelation during a conversation of Jesus the Christ and Nicodemus, who is described as an important Jewish leader.

Jesus says that He was sent here on a mission. Y’all got time?

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