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This Joy - James 1:1-2 - Robert Earl Houston, Sr.

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Some people will dare to get inside of vehicles on a track that exceed 200 miles per hour even though a fellow competitor was killed on the same day.

Some people will play with dangerous drugs and narcotics even though they have watched their friends arrested, tried and convicted to years in prison for the same offense.

Some people will date those who have a terrible reputation for abuse in a relationship or serial infidelity, who see their worlds shatter by the phrase, “I thought I could change them” when the only person who you can change is yourself.

The truth of the matter is that most of us do not stay in one place or one position – we move around. We have our up days and our down days. We have our days of utter joy and then we experience those days of personal and prolific pain.

Matter of fact, I’m looking at a room full of people whose lives are not lived in A, B, C terms. No, the truth is that today may be an A but tomorrow may be an L and day after tomorrow may be a C and the next day a G. There is no linear procedure on how to live you live – live is not a constant, it is an erratic enterprise that causes fluctuation, change and friction.

So I thought that it might be wise since we are in a series about “JOY” to talk to Jesus’ half-brother, James. I actually do not like the term half-brother or half-sister, but there is no other way to describe who James is.

James and Jesus had the same momma but they have two different methods of incubation. James came through the union of Joseph and Mary, but Mary became pregnant by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit, which any interaction of Joseph.

James is writing this text in a letter in 46 a.d., addressed to the Hebrew Christians outside of Palestine. James is concerned that they were falling to impatience, bitterness, materialism, disunity and spiritual apathy. This letter would fit in nicely with the church of today – in these unusual times many are those who are impatient, bitter, materialistic, anti-fellowship and awash in spiritual apathy.

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