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Why I Have Joy - Psalm 5:11 - Robert Earl Houston, Sr.

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I don’t think I’m alone because when I survey the room some of us have history of recent days, weeks, months and may I say years that has been uncomfortable, painful, troubling, trifling, bleeding, hurting that would not read well in anyone’s biography of your life. Yes, when I consider that life in the words of Maya Angelou, for me has not always been a crystal stair – there have been moments of private pain, weeping, hurt, disturbance, regret, trouble, trial, heartache, sleepless nights, restless days, surgery, cuts, and other negative conditions.

Matter of fact, some of us walked in here today with a limp, with a pain, with a regret, with remorse, with anxiety, with burdens, with sorrow, with tears – but there is a fact that I want to discuss with us and maybe it doesn’t work in your life but I’ve found it to be prevalent in my life. And that is – when it looks like I should be decimated, tore up, destroyed, hung, crumbled, pitiful, sorrowful, sloshing snot and down never to rise again, that’s when I have my joy!

I know that it’s not probable to some people, but it looks like when I SHOULD be down, that’s when I experience joy the most. When it looks like I SHOULD be wallowing in pity, when I look like I SHOULD be in dire straits, when I look like I SHOULD BE getting ready to receive a standing eight count, that’s when joy comes in, takes over, pushes back and says “Robert, I know you are supposed to be down today – you can’t focus, you can’t see, but I’m here now and I’ll be driving for the next few hours, so you sit back and let me take over.

Joy will take over in the midst of your most painful places. Whether it’s in a sanctuary in Newark or a hotel in Portland, Oregon or at the Galt House in Louisville – there is something that God gives to a believer that activates in the middle of your trials.

Maybe I’m talking to the wrong people but have you ever had trials? Have you ever experienced trouble? What would have killed somebody else . . . what would have wiped out somebody else . . . 

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