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Why Some People Don't Want to See You Get Back Up - Acts 16:16-22 - Robert Earl Houston, Sr.

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We act like cheerleaders when the underprivileged rise up, when those who are lacking in the social graces make it to the King’s palace – for some of us we are intrigued by the story of Cinderella who has gone from object poverty to celebrating with royalty prior to the stroke of midnight. In all facets of life – literature, movies, songs even in the Lord’s church when those who have struggled life itself take to the microphone and magnify God with some moving vibrato that tears are formed in the wells of our soul that spill out into the area of the cheek bone and make it’s way down to the chin.

It is normal to cheer for the underdog. However, there are those persons and I believe and want to submit to you that are in the minority – who don’t want to see anybody who has fallen rise and overcome their fall. Some of us have relatives and neighbors and friends and dare I say fellow church members who seem to relish the idea of your fall. They not only celebrate your affliction, your addiction, your condition and your entrapment, but they are personally and privately praying that you never will get up, you never will rise again and you never will overcome your condition.

Some of them have even personally took it upon themselves to ensure that you will not recover from your mistake. They have become your unseen enemy – making what was private now public; what was an opinion now a headline; what once was a small matter have now added three parts scandal with one part haterade and the result is that you will remain in the place of scorn, ridicule and dismay.

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