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Zula Is Perfectly Well (Funeral Sermon) - Matthew 14:34-36 - Robert Earl Houston, Sr.

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If you were around Zula she did not complain about her illness. But when pain came she called on the Lord before she called upon her doctor. Her love of the Lord is where I want to hang my hat upon in this discussion.

In the 14th Chapter of John, Jesus had just led a band of His disciples to the other side, arriving in an area called Gennesaret. During that boat ride, Jesus had fearful disciples on the ship and in order to calm them down, he took a walk on the water and bid Peter to come to him. When Peter takes his eyes off of the Lord, he begins to sink. When it was over those on the ship worshiped Him and said, “Truly you are the son of God.”

On the other side, when they arrived in Gennesaret I see some similarities with Zula.

First, the men recognized and Zula recognized Jesus.

Those who were in the land of Gennesaret immediately recognized who Jesus was. They didn’t have televisions or internet or newspaper to see photos of Him, but they knew him, they recognized him – they knew who Jesus was.

Zula knew who Jesus was. Zula came to recognize that it was the Lord who had been good to her. The Lord took her from childhood in Auburn, Alabama – and he allowed her to go from there to Ohio to work for the United States Military. It was the Lord that took her from the kitchen in the Military and allowed her to sit at the feet of chefs in New York City without costing her a dime. It was the Lord that allowed her to go from Ohio to move to a city called Frankfort, Kentucky and work at a school called Kentucky State University.

She knew the Lord’s handiwork when she saw it. It was the Lord who allowed her best friend to hook her up with a young man by the name of Vernon. It was the Lord who she fell in love with and began a 29-year relationship with. She also knew that the Lord was doing some things in Vernon’s life around 2009 and he was becoming the man that God wanted him to be.

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